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Services Plating

Tin Plated​

coated in tin metallic, matte, and shiny. According to the type, Services Plating ‘s chemistry varies. the plating process, etc. Tin plating serves as both a conductor of electricity and a barrier against metal corrosion in electrical components such as cabinets and light switches เคลือบผิว

Tin Plating

Nickel Plated

with the aid of the nickel plating surface-treatment method. The surface of the workpiece may have some enhanced properties, such as increased hardness. electrical conductivity, wear resistance, or rust resistance. Throughout the surface treatment process, nickel serves as the primary coating component.  ชุบโลหะ
Nickel plating There are two different plating methods. the categories that follow
1. Nickel electroless plating (Electrolytic nickel plating)
2. Technical (EN), also known as electroless nickel plating.
The procedure and process of nickel plating will be covered in this article. All devices have advantages and disadvantages so you can keep track of changes.

Electroless nickel Coating, nickel plating, nickel plating by electrochemical technique, plating metal on solid workpieces such as stainless steel coating, zinc plating, nickel plating, some metals or plastics. which nickel plating will be perfect Depends on metal surface preparation and charge transfer uniformity. Including the concentration of the solution that causes the reaction. For general industries, nickel plating is popular to prevent rust from occurring on metal parts. and adds beauty to the workpiece as well Because chemicals with shiny properties can be added to the mixture. Problems Nickel plating makes the workpiece shiny Examples of works that are popular with electroless nickel plating such as screws, parts in circuit boards, sheet metal, etc.

Nickel Plating

Copper Plating

Glossy or matte tin plating, nickel plating, copper plating, and zinc plating. All types of metal can be electroplated (in white or rainbow color) by zinc electroplating. To preserve the piece’s beauty, strengthen it and keep it from rusting.  เคลือบผิว สแตนเลส

Copper Plating​